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Welcome to my portfolio! 

I am a seasoned print and digital (SEO) writer and editor specialising in health and wellness and beauty. I have extensive editorial, advertorial and corporate content experience writing across many genres, including fashion, travel and food, and I write in both UK and US English for my clients.

Digital: I have project-managed new website builds for medical clients, brands and e-commerce stores, including content creation.

Editorial: My work is sought-after editorially - print and digital - and by brands. I am known for my wide knowledge of subject matter, research skills as well as my ability to translate often challenging subject matter into engaging and informative content.

Corporate: Content strategy, PR, social media marketing.

My work is accurate and my copy requires very little editing.

I look forward to chatting to you about how we could work together.



PRINT: I have been wellness and beauty editor on numerous magazines including Psychologies, Men’s Health, Shape, Real Simple, and I’ve contributed regularly to Women’s Health, Elle, Cosmopolitan, among others.

DIGITAL: I have blogged and guest-blogged about beauty, health and wellness for myself, independents, for brands and retailers.



 I have worked closely with brands - beauty, fashion food, nutritional supplements, dermatology groups and oncologists on both PR and education content. 

I've also run social media for numerous brands and large retailers.


As owner of digital and PR for a multi-brand global corporate, my task has been to align global strategy with marketing calendars, and adapting strategy for the local market. 

I have overseen all aspects of content direction and implementation for seamless messaging.

CLIENT BRANDS: Environ, WISI-Oi Sustainable Fashion Marketplace, Bioderma, Institut Esthederm, Revlon, Max Factor, Nuxe, Erborian, Nation of Strong, Bourjois, NAOS Group, Cosmetiques de France, and many more.

CMS: Wordpress (plus Elementor and Yoast), Shopify and Drupal.


I have been team leader and content editor on numerous content websites - corporate and e-commerce.

              SEO WRITING                      Landing pages
         Category copy
          Product pages 

E-COMMERCE CLIENTS: Fashion & beauty e-tailer

Cosmetics e-tailers


Oncology group 

Cosmetics brands

Software company

Private Wealth companies



Digital content/Ghostwriting

E-commerce content & SEO writing


Pigmentation and Dark Spots Explained: Everything You Need to Know

We unpack the causes of hyperpigmentation and give you solutions on how to get rid of those dark spots on your face.

You outgrow your teen acne at last, but before you can celebrate, you have to deal with the fall-out - patches of dark spots on your skin where you had pimples.

Though very common, acne isn't the only culprit, but whatever the cause, dark spots - properly named hyperpigmentation - affect women of all skin tones and ages.

Blog writing: Healthy coping strategies for a global pandemic

The first anniversary of the Covid-19 global lockdown just passed recently … (deep breath) … Remember when we went into our first three-week hard lockdown? We were so worried about how those three weeks would disrupt our lives. Little did we know that the end would still be nowhere in sight.

Our lives have changed dramatically and we have no idea how long this will still continue, although some knowledgeable people speculate it could be with us for at least the next year or longer.

Why a Healthy Gut Is the Key to a Happy Skin, Body - and Life

Know the expression 'I feel it in my gut'? Our understanding that our gut truly is our 'second brain' is growing daily, as is its effect on the health of our bodies, mood and skin.

As long ago as 1930, medical researchers suspected a link between gut health and skin health, but it's only recently that new research has revealed just how much gut health can impact all areas of our body and psyche, and the discoveries are ongoing.

How Is It Possible That The Brain, Gut And Skin Are Connec

All You Need to Know About Losing That Belly Fat - Forever

Is it possible to lose fat around your belly in a week? Sorry - no! The net is full of articles on how to do it in 5 days. All bogus. Months or years of accumulated fat just won't disappear in 5 days. If you think you can get away with going on a quick diet or taking a few supplements, that's not going to work. And forget about doing hundreds of crunches to get that perfect tum. Instead you have to change your food and lifestyle choices. The good news? It can be done - and pretty easily.


Public relations

PR strategy, press-release writing, digital newsletters

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